Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology

Graduate Students

The Department of Pharmacology offers superb opportunities for graduate research training, leading to the translation of basic discoveries into medically important knowledge, directly relevant to areas such as neuroscience, neurological diseases, cardiovascular disorders and many others.

Graduate students enter the department research through the following graduate programs. Additional information is available on the websites for each program:

Graduate Courses

Following are descriptions of courses taught in our specialty, by our faculty, through the above programs.

DGP 420 - Introduction to Pharmacology: From Molecules to Man

This course covers general principles of drug action at the molecular level. Topics include receptor theory, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, drug discovery, and the pharmacology of various important classes of therapeutic agents.

DGP 435 - Receptors and Signaling Mechanisms

This course features integrated discussions of different superfamilies of signaling receptors and their effectors. Pathways discussed include G-protein linked, growth factors and cytokines, nuclear receptors and transcription factors.